Understanding Family And Functional Medicine

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Family medicine is a branch of medicine that specializes in intensive care of patients. Family doctors differ from regular doctors in the intensity they handle their patients. Family medicine has three dimensions to it; skill, knowledge, and process. Family doctors receive intensive training that will help them provide comprehensive care to the patients regardless of their age. The skills are acquired during the residency program while the process is developed through patient and doctor interaction where the patients receive integrated care. Read more about functional medicine from Bliss Medicine.

Family medicine not only provides diagnosing and treatment services. The family doctors offer preventative care; this involves regular checkup, screening, vaccination and health risk assessments. They focus on advising patients on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and enjoy quality life with good health. Once the family doctors have acquired skills, they can provide coordinated care with a specialty in handling diseases and caring for patients.

Functional medicine, on the other hand, is a discipline in medicine that focuses on identifying the underlying cause of a disease as opposed to treating symptoms. Functional medicine focuses on the body systems without isolating the focus on a particular area. They evaluate the lifestyle, environment and genetic factors that affect the development of chronic diseases.

Functional medicine is popular because of its focus to the whole body wellness. There has been an increased number of chronic disease that has been diagnosed by doctors over the recent past. Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and mental illness are on an everyday rise. The lifestyle of people is playing a huge role in the development and increase of these diseases. Unfortunately, many doctors are not trained to handle this conditions.

There are various dimensions of functional medicine; Patient-centered healthcare, this promotes the need to develop a healthy lifestyle even in the absence of diseases so that people can support having good health in general. A functional medical doctor will use the patients’ story to guide them in getting tailor-made treatment for their needs.

Scientific and integrative healthcare approach. After looking at a patient’s lifestyle and history to evaluate the cause of illness. Understanding the genetic makeup of a person can cause disease in an individual. The concern of the functional medicine is to understand the effect of this interactions. Get more info about functional medicine.

Using the medical practices that are integrative.The practice brings together traditional and alternative medicine. The primary focus is on prevention through diets, exercise, and nutrition. The lab results assist in disease diagnosis and treatment. They use pharmaceutical medicine, natural supplements, detoxification and therapeutic diets. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Functional_medicine.


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